Hi, I’m Kassie a mom of two incredible little boys (Levi (6) & Adriel (3) ).

I became a lashing tech in 2020 (it’s relevant to the story) anyways I had always dabbled in blinging but didn’t really start until my lash career . I wanted something to set me apart from the many lash techs I’d see online. I’d bling lash bath , mirrors, fans and realized the rhinestones I used sucked A** . Excuse my language.

So I began created black diamond in June 10th 2021 , 15 days after having Adriel 🖤(The company & Adriel are growing up together ) though that was cute to mention . Bring you high quality rhinestones, glass, pearls and glitter for all those craft needs.

Fast forward to today I wanted to mesh my worlds together. I felt like trying to keep them apart was like hiding a piece of my personality because I knew I’d never want to let either or them go . I want to share my two passions with you guys . I’m not going to let anyone make me feel bad about it either 😌